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Review: Wanted

Wanted by Amanda Lance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Addie Battes is a very young woman who falls in love with her abductor, Charlie Hays. After Addie and her father drop her brother off at a military base to serve yet another tour of duty, they make a fateful pit stop at convenience store/truck stop to gas up and crab coffee, and Addie's fate was changed forever.

When I first started this book and Addie started wandering around the truck stop, being nosy and investigating gunshot-like sounds, I was like

I stuck with it, and I actually ended up enjoying the story a lot more than I anticipated. The only other problem I had was that there were NO SEXYTIMES. I don't consider this a spoiler, because I would want to know, and I hate spoilers. I have to be in a certain mood to read a book with no nookie, so to get to the end of the book with no nookie was a bit of a let down. Anyhoo...

Addie stumbles (loudly) onto Charlie's crew robbing a truck driver and one of the men (and full time enemy of Addie) murders the driver in cold blood, which goes against the crew's policy of get in and get out. Charlie kidnaps Addie but he saves her, as the rest of the crew considers her collateral damage at this point. However, over the course of the book as she and Charlie fall in love, they warm up to her.

There are some dark parts here, and I appreciate that. Addie's background as a home-schooled almost genius also made her stumbling and bumbling through the dark at a truck stop believable. She was book smart, but had no common sense essentially, and I appreciated getting that info from the author as well. It made all the difference.

Charlie was something interesting. I really have a soft spot for him, and he pretty much fell for Addie at first sight. He is a criminal, and knows that Addie isn't good enough for him, but he can't help but be her knight, as it were, in this terrible situation. He also sounds pretty hot, and that doesn't hurt.

There is a novella and a sequel so I think I may check them out!

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