Saturday, January 24, 2015

ARC Review: Playing Doctor by Kate Allure

Playing Doctor contains three erotic stories about women who capture a spark in their lives, and they are all of course physician centered stories. In The Intern, we meet Lauren Marks, a recently divorced doctor who runs a clinic in a small Illinois town. Through a favor for a colleague she takes on a promising intern sight unseen, the sexy and much younger Courtney (who goes by Court.) She tries to keep it professional due to their age and her position as his superior, but after a while, the sparks fly and Court's young alpha passions convince Lauren to let herself have a bit of fun.

In My Doctor, My Husband, and Me, Valerie has an intense attraction to her tall dark and handsome foot surgeon. It looks like the good doctor reciprocates these feelings, so Valerie comes up with a scheme to get her cake and eat it too. She just has to make sure her husband and her doctor are on board.

Finally, in Seize the Doctor, Nikki meets Hunter out at a bar one night after a bad breakup. They made a great connection, however, it turns out that Hunter's friends were playing a number collecting game for points so Nikki decides to walk away. Imagine her surprise when she goes to her female only gynecology clinic and in walks Hunter! Can they overcome their initial meeting and start a hot and heavy relationship?

These were entertaining reads, although the first two definitely read more like vignettes with the third story having more of a satisfying conclusion. There were plenty of sexytimes to go around, and the men were plenty hot. 

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