Friday, March 14, 2014

The Rundown: Scandal

This week, Kwana Minatee-Jackson gives her take on Scandal over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. I'll return there next week, but for now, here is The Rundown:

Last week, Scandal advertised that the last 30 seconds of this week's show were going to leave us shocked.

They weren't wrong.

This was the reaction of the internet (including myself) after last night's episode:

Let's get started, shall we?
1.  Pretty much everyone was a little off the deep end last night. It was like DC was bizarro-land.
2. Jake was clowning last night. Cyrus thought he had him, and then Jake called him a mouse chasing after cheese. Jake told him he not only didn't have the time to explain the way the real world worked, but that Cyrus would not understand. Ouch.

3. Olivia drank a LOT. I hope Kerry's baby likes grape juice.

4. I'm still trying to figure out (like Mellie) what magic lays between Olivia's thighs because she told Fitz to throw the debate, and I'll be damned if he didn't throw the debate.
5. Meanwhile, Sally dodged a literal bullet but pulling herself out of her fire and brimstone headspace and deciding to wake up. With lots and lots of water.
6. A lot of people got shot in the head last night. And once Olivia hit it and quit it with Jake, he seemed like he may have fallen all the way off...but how far?


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