Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: Raw

Raw by Belle Aurora

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here's the thing: Lexi falls in love with her stalker. He's been quietly watching her for months, never approaching, but always there. One night, she gets attacked by someone else, and then HE steps in to save her. After that, things start moving fast.

I was hooked from start to finish. (Im so curious as to what life looks like even farther down the road.) Twitch has had a goal for a long time-get Lexi. In the meantime, he has made a name for himself, and while he hates labels, he knows his brain is not wired the way most people's brains are. Twitch and Lexi are both victims of their childhoods, and it has certainly shaped their paths in adulthood. Lexi is a social worker and Twitch...well he never really left the streets.

Such an intriguing premise and very well done - and hot as the blue blazes. I am a sucker for a piercing!

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