Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: Dating A Cougar II

Dating A Cougar II
Dating A Cougar II by Donna McDonald

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fan of this series, I was excited to read about Jane and Walter. Jane Fox is knocking on 40's door, is sharp and successful, and single. She figures if she hasn't had kids by now it's probably not going to happen, and she's mostly ok with that. After a terrible breakup of her marriage with a philandering husband, Jane is gun shy and finds most appropriately aged men boring. Enter Walter Graham II. He is 25, hot and buff, and a firefighter. He is also delving into the entrepreneur business world, and Jane has been a mentor for him. The thing is, he wants Jane to be so much more, and Jane isn't ready for that.

I thought Jane and Walter were cute. I felt that Jane fought her relationship with Walter so hard that it was bordering on ridiculous, but it never crossed that line. After a certain point, you have to say, hey, this hot stud wants me, let's give it a try! And she did. Walter was persistent, sweet, and plenty hot. Jane pushed all the right buttons for him, and he was proud to let anyone know how he felt about her. After a huge mistake, he really had to fight for her, but I was Team Walter all the way. Great read!

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