Sunday, March 16, 2014

Review: Drawn Together

Drawn Together
Drawn Together by Lauren Dane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jonah needs a tattoo, and he approaches Raven to have it done. He knows her work, he knows she's hot, so if he can nail her, it's a win-win. Raven is blunt, somewhat abrasive, and sexually open. She meets her match in Jonah who is Dominant and brings out a sexually submissive side of Raven that starts to spill into her day life. She opens up to him when normally she wouldn't, and they begin a courtship that takes them both places they didn't expect.

Raven has not been easy to like in this series, but over time, you get used to her and understand her. She has found a family in the Browns and as Erin's best friend, she is always on the periphery. Finally, she gets her own book and I loved it. I also loved Jonah (are we getting more stories from these brothers?) He was a great match for Raven, fighting fire with fire, but knowing when to step back and let her have space as well. They had fantastic chemistry, scorching hot sex scenes, and a love that developed quickly but realistically. Great read!

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