Monday, June 29, 2015

ARC Review: Sweet the Sin by Claire Kent

Kelly Watson had a tragic young life; her father,whom she was very close to, was killed in front of her during a hike in the woods one evening and shortly after that her mother simply abandoned her one day in the quest to take down the people responsible. Kelly overcame these beginning tragedies, mostly, by being adopted by a kind, weathly couple who passed away but left her a generous trust fund. Now a portrait artists for pets, Kelly has a string of one night stands behind her with no plans to make a commitment to any man. Then the slightly older and ridiculously sexy Caleb Marshall enters the scene. Also not one for a commitment, when he happens to meet Kelly in the park and they hit it off he reconsiders his stance for the first time in a long time. What he doesn't know is that Kelly thinks he is the one responsible for her father's death, and Kelly is playing him to get any information she can to prove it.

Kelly has always known the company behind her scientist father's death but she and her mother couldn't prove it. Now she has the chance to prove it and she will use her body, soul, and mind to get any information she can. The problem is she is falling hard for Caleb, and despite the fact that him falling for her is the plan, she has to deal with the conflicting emotions of falling in love with the man who may have had her father murdered.

This was a captivating read, and Kelly's emotions were raw and honest through the story. As I got closer to the end I panicked because I realized I had a page count that did not promise an ending! The good thing is that the next piece of the puzzle will be out in October and I can't wait to finish it. Kelly and Caleb were amazing together, these two strong people, who aren't necessarily the nicest people in their everyday lives, are scratching and clawing their way to keep from falling in love with each other but they just can't help it. Great read.

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