Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ARC Review: Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

I love the Chaos series by Kristen Ashley, and Ride Steady is another fantastic entry into the Chaos world. Carissa and Joker were worlds apart in high school; she was the cheerleader that was dating the big man on campus and Joker, then known as Carson, was a quiet but sexy young man who couldn't wait to out from under his abusive father's thumb. When finally the time came to leave, Carson Steele and Carissa Teodoro had a brief magical moment, and then they both went on to live their lives. Carissa married her rich high school sweetheart only to be cast aside cruelly when she became pregnant with their first child and left practically destitute, while Carson joined the Chaos Motorcycle Club, the bikers he had always watched through the fence to their garage when he was younger. Carissa added a few pounds and Joker added a lot of hair but their connection was still electric when years later Joker got off his bike to help the single mother with a flat tire. She thought he looked familiar, but he knew exactly who she was. Who knew Joker was so hot? I had a feeling he was!

I love their story. You could call this a second chance romance, but they really never had a romance in high school - they traveled in different circles, but the handsome Carson had a reputation for pleasing the ladies. Carissa had a terrible crush on him despite her relationship with her philandering boyfriend turned husband. They both suffered in their teens; Carissa lost her mother and sister, and Joker was physically abused, so it makes sense that the two of them yearn for a family to call their own. Joker can't even let himself think along those lines; he had some wonderful neighbors who gave him support as a teen and then he found his Chaos family, but to hope that Carissa would ever see him, see Carson, was almost too much to wish for.

These two had sizzling chemistry, and Joker was the hot hottie alpha biker of my dreams. A little bossy, a lot sexy, and a perfect match for the sweet but sassy Carissa. Loved this book!

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