Thursday, June 4, 2015

ARC Review: At His Service by Suzanne Rock

Karin Norell is an extremely hardworking intern at what was once one of the most prestigious hotel empires in the world. The Palazzo Hotel, owned by the Perconti family, has taken it's share of hits as the siblings waste money and personally and tighten the purse-strings at Perconti Inc, to the detriment of the businesses. Leo Perconti, known as The General to the employees and paparazzi, has come into town to check up on his brother and the hotel. When he mistakes Karin for a "gift" his brother offered to send to his room, their connection is instant and hot, and is the beginning to a torrid love affair between the two.

The Perconti family is given even more paparazzi attention than the Hiltons as the siblings are young, gorgeous, and rich, but their businesses aren't doing well. Karin has great ideas, and Leo is smart enough to listen. I enjoyed the chemistry between Karin and Leo, and his nickname is well earned with his alpha tendencies. There were some tender moments between the leads, but in the end there were so many sexytimes (which I typically love!) that the storytelling wasn't moving along the way I needed to make me feel more connected to the characters. There were so many interesting directions to go in, and apparently we have not heard the last of the Perconti family. 

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