Tuesday, June 23, 2015

ARC Review: Hard Ride by Opal Carew

Once upon a time in college, the adventurous Maggie was best friends with a shy but cute guy named Devin. He came from money but wasn't a jerk about it and Maggie was crushing on him hard. What Maggie didn't know is that the feeling was mutual, but just before he decided to ask her to take their relationship to the next level, Maggie withdrew from him and pretty much everyone but her sister. Devin was dealing with his own family issues as well, and years later he is a self made man with a new kind of family.

Desperate for money for pay for her sister's medical treatments, Maggie gets herself into a dangerous part of town and into a potentially dangerous situation. However, Devin, road name Shock, steps in to protect her. He also offers to take care of that cash situation for her, but there is a catch. She must sign a contract that states she will be on the road with him for a month; there are also a list of sexual activities that she must be open to, including sharing herself as Shock and his crew appear to be very open with each other.

Shock tries to come off as a tough guy but he is really a squishy sexy marshmallow. He is adorable and it's obvious that he has unfinished business with Maggie from way back in college. Maggie is half adventurous and half prude, but she is still very likable. Together they have amazing chemistry and Shock is all of the steamy, patient, virile man you can handle. A very hot read with some welcome kinky fuckery to top it off.

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