Saturday, June 6, 2015

ARC Review: Arrow's Hell by Chantal Fernando

The Wind Dragons MC is back! In the sequel to Dragon's Lair, it's Arrow's turn to find a happily ever after and unfortunately for him, fate has chosen the sister of one of his MC brothers. It's been five years since some of the events of Dragon's Lair, most notably the death of Mary, the woman Arrow was seeing and a well loved club regular. Arrow blames himself for her murder, and took revenge on the rival MC responsible by killing their president. For five years Arrow has lived in his own hell. Meanwhile Anna, a PhD student back in town to finish her degree, is being kept under her brother's thumb which means sticking close to the MC and reporting her whereabouts constantly. This puts her into constant contact with Arrow, and although he usually looks grumpy as hell, their chemistry pulls them together.

The road to love is never easy, and while Arrow is a sexy beast, sometimes we want to hug him and punch him at the same time. He is punishing himself not only for Mary's death but also for his attraction to Anna. He wants her bad, and Anna has been lusting after him since they met. Chantal Fernando brings the heat, sexiness, and chemistry that was so successful in the first book of this series, but there is tenderness and heartfelt passion (with a healthy does of angst) that is all Anna and Arrow. Another great entry in the series, and I'm excited for next one! 

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