Monday, March 23, 2015

The Grimes Boys Think with their Johnsons: A Walking Dead Rundown

I didn't do a rundown last week because I didn't really have anything to add, but it was worth noting that this happened (bye Felicia)

and this (you ain't SHIT you lying ass snitch!)

and Abraham gave me a new curse word.

This week, Carl was all up in Enid's face, literally. If he is like his dad, then Enid is gonna turn out to be a)crazy or b)dead by next week. #TheWonderYearsOnTheWalkingDeadTho

Rick is just all the way tripping over a chick he just met. Time for me to undock my Richonne ship. A little crazy is sexy but he way out in left field somewhere. Getting in fights and shit. Just ugh.

Daaron walking around investigating crime like Batman and Robin.

Michonne the only person who got some damn sense...

...and ya'll done pissed her off. SMH.

As always, see all my gifs at Miss Boxy Frown's Lair.

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