Thursday, March 5, 2015

Review: The Borrowed Billionaire Serial by Mimi Strong

3 stars by 

This erotica series was a Kindle freebie that I decided to give a read, since I have read some erotica by Mimi Strong before. I decided to review them all as a whole body of work, and I'm glad that I did, since that decision dedicated me to reading all 5 in the serial. The first 2 reads, The Walk In and Lexie Goes Shopping, sets up something different than the last three, Return to Mr. Thorne, Under the Sea, and Set it on Fire finished, and that is a good thing since the finish in the series was strong.

When we first meet Lexie we find a driven young businesswoman with a serious kinky side. The first two reads could have been the start of vignettes of Lexie's raunchy adventures, but the last three reads seemed more focused while maintaining the sexy and bawdy tone. The heat is turned up to 10 here, and if you are looking for a kinkalicious diversion, this serial is it.

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