Sunday, March 15, 2015

ARC Review: Silver Bastard by Joanna Wylde

First things first: 5 kick ass stars. 

Ok, here is the rest: Set in the same world as the Reapers MC books, and even guest starring some of our favorite Reapers and their old ladies, the Silver Valley series will focus on the Silver Valley as a whole and not specifically on any one group. Silver Valley is close to Coeur d'Alene, home of the Reapers, so we can expect lots of crossover, as we have already met the Silver Bastards before this book.

Silver Bastard is about Puck and Becca. The night Puck and Painter (from the Reapers) got out of jail, Puck had a simple mission: get drunk and get laid. He didn't want a used up run of the mill sweetbutt; he wanted someone fresh and sweet to lose himself in. His prayers were answered when he saw Becca. She fit the bill exactly, but since she was raised around the Longneck MC, she obviously knew the club life. After an eventful and satisfying night with her, the next morning some of the niggling doubts he had about Becca's stepfather, Teeny, were confirmed. His great night with Becca was tainted with the misdeeds of her stepfather and mother, he beat Teeny's ass and took her away from that horrible place. It took 5 years, but Becca made a life for herself, with Puck observing from afar but still watching. Finally, Puck is ready to claim her once and for all. Becca has been attracted to Puck from the beginning, but watching her mother lose herself to bad biker after worse biker keeps her from wanting to be claimed.

The chemistry here is off the charts. Puck isn't your pretty boy; he is a big, muscularly lean man with a scar across his face that screams danger. Sometimes Becca can't tell if she is afraid of him or how she feels about him, because when they are anywhere near each other the awareness they have of each other is like a neon sign blinking "lust!" Becca has anger management issues which comes in handy when holding your own against a big badass alpha biker. There is a lot of shit between them, but no unnecessary drama; they fight, they fuck, and Puck tries to nail her down for the long haul. I loved every minute of it.

Silver Valley is full of interesting characters, and we meet quite a few of them. The great thing is that we will be getting to meet even more!

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