Monday, March 2, 2015

Rick is Bae: The Walking Dead Rundown

The Ricktocracy appreciated the hot showers (mostly...*ahem Daryl*) but otherwise being behind walls with a bunch of people they don't know felt like some bullshit. Here's are a few highlights. There will be a lot of Rick in these highlights because HELL YES. For even more of Rick and crew go to my tumblr, Miss Boxy Frown's Lair.

Rick took a shower

Rick shaved

Rick answered the door

Michonne swooned

Carol is playing opossum

Daryl refuses to shower...

...but at least he brought dinner

Deanna made Mom and Dad the law round these here parts. (BTW who the fuck says constable?)

We met a couple of assholes

Rick is taking this bitch over if they don't get it right!

Bonus Mom and Dad moment:

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