Sunday, March 1, 2015

ARC Review: Risking it All by Kati Wilde

We are back in Hellfire Riders territory with this fifth novella in the serial and are smack in the middle of the relationship between Lily aka Zoomie, a fully patched female Rider, and Jack aka Blowback, the Rider's Warlord and phantom menace. Lily and Jack have been going hot and heavy for the past month because of a bet that she lost, giving Jack 30 nights in her bed. Lily has had feelings for Jack for a long time, and Jack for her, but because of their backgrounds neither of them is great about communicating their feelings. (Jack is a survivor of adolescent abuse and former military covert operations soldier, Lily military vet and MC brat who's father would roll over in his grave if he knew she had been patched in as a Rider.) According to Lily's calculations, time is up and Jack has been a no-show for the past week. However, her tenuous relationship with Jack isn't the only problem she is facing. The Riders are facing opposition from another MC trying to muscle in on their territory and together or not, Lily and Jack are Riders first.

I have been rooting for these two for a while! I love them both, and love how they are written. Jack is all romantic and loving underneath his stone cold killer shell, and the fact that he can't get enough of Lily is sexy as hell. The fact that he believes in Lily so staunchly is sexy as hell, too. He proves it at the end of the story and the resulting scene had me doing a happy dance and huge cheer. Lily proved her self in the end, and so did Jack!

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