Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sleepy Hollow: A Tumblr Rundown

Well, Sleepy Hollow happened again and we learned some things, boys and girls! Check out even more gifs on my tumblr page!

1. Apparently Katrina lost her powers in Purgatory and that's why she is so useless. But she is getting stronger! uh huh.

2. Ichabod stays butthurt if Abbie thinks anything but highly of him.

3. Dammit Irving!

4. Abbie is in charge. We already knew it that.

5. Although sometimes when Ichabod is feeling gangsta, he may wear those big boy pants!

6. Abbie was on that shade!

Bonus: So how exactly does Ichabod feel about Katrina? Because it seems like he is all about Abbie Time. IJS

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