Monday, February 16, 2015

Sasha is Trippin': A Tumblr The Walking Dead Rundown

Last night everybody was in their feels, and Sasha was getting on my nerves. Way existential this time around!

Whatever, Daryl ate a worm:

My ovaries appreciated this Bros 'n Babies moment:

Daryl thinks he can tell Carol what to do:

Strike 1 in Sasha losing her mind:

Strike 2:

Sasha just has a death wish at this point:
Sasha's ass might be dumb, but she ain't no dumbass.
The only murder I would have been ok with but Sasha bitched out:


WTF leaving the baby like that!:

And this well dressed Whodini motherfucker:

Bonus fuckery:

For more gifs from this episode check out my tumblr, Miss Boxy Frown's Lair!

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