Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ARC Review: Their Lasting Claim by Ella Goode

Their Lasting Claim (Death Lords MC #5)
This fifth entry in the Death Lords MC series (and 13th in the overall Motorcycle Clubs series) is just as hot as we have come to expect by now. Their Lasting Claim continues the story of Michigan, Easy, and Annie, and things are getting even more complicated now. Annie's abusive pastor father is out on bail from beating her within an inch of her life, and the guys want the permanent kind of retribution. Meanwhile Annie has been feeling ill and it turns out it's because she is pregnant. Easy and Michigan are ecstatic, but Annie has some fears and reservations about what this means for her relationship with them, how their family structure works, and how she will raise a little one in this small town. And just for giggles, her absentee mother shows up out of the blue. What's her agenda?

Once again, so much is packed into this serial, including the sexy times we love from this trio. Another raunchy and raucous read!  5 stars

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