Friday, February 27, 2015

Mom and Dad Need to Get Laid: A (Late) Walking Dead Rundown

Yeah I know this is like a week late shutup. More important than the events of this past episode are the events of the episode to come. What exactly are these sleeping arrangements going to be? Because in my soul there is no world where Richonne don't live in a house together at this new place....
Anyway! Go to Miss Boxy Frown's Lair on tumblr to see all my gifs. Enjoy...


Independence Day Zombie Kill!

So, Aaron has a boyfriend. (I think he can do better but the ZA, guess pickins are slim)

Dad said no, Mom said yes, Dad said yes.

Mom said maybe, Dad said no.

THIS AGAIN! Mom and Dad ovary explosion (why are they not always sneaking off somewhere to do something dirty?)

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