Friday, February 6, 2015

Review: Craving Resurrection

First things first, Five Stars.

Ok, now that we have dealt with that, let's talk about this feelsfest of a novel. CR is the fourth in the Aces Motorcycle Club series and for some reason, even though I love all of the books, every time I read one, I'm shocked by how much I liked it. I have no idea why it's a surprise every time, but it's always a pleasant surprise. I love Nicole Jacquelyn's storytelling, I love her dangerous and passionate men, and I love her hard ass but soft on the inside women.

This was Poet's story, and it was a 30 year love story. It started in Ireland when his mother took an American teen named Amy under her wing and their rocky road was paved from the emerald isle back to the states. Patrick, or Trick as they called him in Ireland, was a studious young lad and had plans to teach, have a parcel of children with Amy, and have a quiet life. However, the sins of his father came calling and dragged him to the dark side. Then when Trick's past came calling, his and Amy's lives were forever changed.

Everything is a spoiler. I can't say that much except you have to read it. YOU HAVE TO. It's just so good. And I wanted more, dammit! Serious book hangover.

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