Monday, July 29, 2013

True Blood Recap: In the Evening

Filler episode, but I still liked it.

When we open, Eric is escaping with Norah and instructs Willa to tell their homies not to drink the tainted True Blood, or else they will end up with Hep-V, like his sis. They escape and Eric runs straight to Bill's house, begging him to save her. Norah doesn't want Lilith's blood, and Bill hypothesizes that perhaps Warlow's blood would help.

Sarah Newlin rolls up to the Governor's mansion and finds the slaughter. She comes up with a scheme with the Senator to cover up his death, and they decide to take over his role temporarily until True Blood hits the streets and vamps start dying.

Willa warns Pam and crew not to drink the TB, and offers to get her in Gen Pop. Pam tells her no thanks, she has her own connections. Pam gets to visit the resident psychologist, and seduces her way to a Gen Pop pass. Who needs to glamour when you have old school feminine wiles?

Sam and Nicole are still on the run. When Sam calls LaLa to check in on things, he finds out that Terry is dead. Sam and Nicole have one last bow-chicka-wow-wow and Sam sends her with her mother for safe keeping while he returns to Bon Temps.

Sookie has been in Fairy Land with Warlow, who has decided they are getting married immediately since they did the nasty. Sookie told him to get with modern times, women fuck on the first date now. Then Sook hears Arlene crying over Terry's grave, and catches up on the happs in Bon Temps. She walks Arlene home and LaLa is there with Holly and Andy. In the quote of the night, she walks up to Lafayette and calls him a "voodoo queer" for keeping the contents of Terry's safety deposit box secret. LaLa and Sokkie go open it, and discover a very generous life insurance policy. When they go back to tell Arlene, she is three sheets to the wind. Then Billith shows up unannounced-in the daylight.

Bill gives his condolences to Arlene (Terry was a distant relative after all) and then he makes his way over to Andy and offers his condolences for the loss of his three daughters. They have a Godfather like coded conversation about the continued health of their daughters. Okayyyyyyyyy. Then Bill pulls Sookie over to the side and tells her to produce Warlow or shits gonna get real.

Jason gets some guards to collect Jess and bring her to a private conference room. He tells her that he is going to rescue her. She asks him to bring in James (APPLAUSE) so that she can thank him (WINK) for being so nice to her the other day. Jason goes to get him, and gives them privacy. Jessica and James talk about humanity and blah blah blah BOW CHICKA WOW WOW.

Meanwhile, Jason is outside the door and Sarah Newlin walks up. She informs him that the governor is dead, so he is fucked. The guards nick him with a knife and send him to female Gen Pop 1. The women smell blood and are about to attack, when Tara tells them to BTFU.

They seem likely to ignore her until the mysterious vamp who seems to lead them issues a directive that Jason is hers. Jason, whose middle name is DumbAsABagOfRocks, seems intrigued.

Alcide drops his father off at his trailer, and his father tries to get him to give up pack life, but Alcide isn't hearing it. He returns to the pack, and tells them that Sam and Nicole are dead, and that he returned Emma to her grandmother. His (soon to be ex I assume) girlfriend called him out in front of the pack as a liar, and produces Nicole and her mother, her hostages.

Bill feeds Norah despite her earlier protests, because Eric promises complete loyalty to him if he tries. While waiting for Bill, Eric and Norah take a trip down memory lane to when they first met and Norah was dying a terrible death then, too. He took her to Godric and that's how she became his sister. Eric was praying to Billith, Godric, whoever else would listen to spare his sister. In the end, she died a horrible death.

Eric has vengeance in his SOUL. Lookout world!

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