Thursday, July 18, 2013

Suits Season 3 Premiere: The Arrangement

If you don't watch Suits, you are missing out.
First of all there is Harvey-Cocky Bad Ass Closer Lawyer with the Best.Hair.Ever.

Then there is his protege Mike, who has a photographic memory and a fraudulent Harvard degree.
Then we have Jessica, the Original Bad Ass Lawyer, who's name is on the door and once upon a time Harvey was her protege. I want to be her when I grow up. Also, her WARDROBE! Amazeballs.

Now we have Donna, who is Harvey's loyal (to a fault) assistant. Everybody loves Donna.

And while we are on the fabulous women of Suits and their fabulous wardrobes, we have brilliant paralegal and Mike's kryptonite, Rachel.

Finally, we have Louis, the partner everyone loves to hate until he randomly proves he has a gooey center.

This season opener has the formerly Pearson-Hardman firm merged with the Brits, and is now Darby-Pearson. Mike, under pressure from Jessica to expose his secret to the Justice Department, betrayed Harvey to make the merger happen. He ended up with an Associate's office and no Harvey. Harvey has not forgiven him, and by proxy, neither has Donna. This episode: Mike spent the whole time trying to get Harvey to forgive him, but Harvey wasn't budging, citing Loyalty. It shouldn't have mattered what Jessica threatened Mike with, Harvey wanted Mike to come to him with everything. In the end, Mike told Jessica to take her office and shove it, he was going back to his cubicle with the rest of the grunts.

Speaking of Mike, he and Rachel FINALLY happened when he came clean to her about his fraudulent Harvard career. She slapped him in the file room and then they proceeded to get busy. This episode: Rachel was having morning after second thoughts and told Mike she needed time to process his lies and their sexual escapade. Mike gave her two days, and couldn't wait anymore. She fired back at him that she didn't know anything about him, so how could she make an informed choice about what to believe? Well, Mike went back to her house, and told her in no uncertain terms that he would tell her his life story-she could either tell him to get out, or if she accepted him, they were not going to leave the bed. Cue to: the next morning. YES!

Harvey didn't want this merger to happen. He wanted to take down all the competition and make the firm Pearson-Specter. However, Jessica is the boss, and after he lost a wager (thanks to Jessica's handling of Mike) she told him to deal with it, be humble, and stay in his place. The best way to get him to behave was to orchestrate a game with Darby, who wants Harvey to represent a personal friend of his from some nasty charges. (I see you Cat Stark!)

After trying to deal with the prosecutor, who is an old colleague of Harvey's, and it goes sour, Harvey decides he never backs down from a fight and tells Darby if he wins this case, he wants Darby to help him take down Jessica. That will be the clash of the titans for sure.

In other news, Louis Litt got outplayed by his contemporary from the British office. The merge was nasty, and there was some bloodshed that started a blood feud with Litt and Nigel. Nigel was always 3 steps ahead of poor Louis.

One of my summer addictions is back!!!

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