Friday, July 5, 2013

News From Nalini Singh

From her blog:


Psy-Changeling News

I have two pieces of Psy-Changeling news for you today.

First up, I'll be doing a Psy-Changeling novella for next year, to be released as part of a multi-author anthology. This is something that just came together- I don't know if the other authors have announced it to their readers, so I can't tell you who they are yet, but it's an awesome lineup.

I've decided we'll be going back to DarkRiver territory for this novella. Release date will be late in 2014. More info on that to come once I get it.

And as promised, I have the name of the hero of Psy-Changeling #13 for you. The heroine is a new character so I'll share further information about her once I'm deeper into writing the book and have gotten to know her a little more.

Because the hero is a character who walks in the shadows and it seems appropriate that we should have to work to find him, I'm going to put his name in white text below - to see it, just select everything below this paragraph with your mouse (or use Shift plus the down arrow).

Ready? Here he is:


As you can guess, this book will be tightly connected with the events of Heart of Obsidian. More info to come after I complete a solid draft.

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