Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review: Don't Look Away

Don't Look Away (Veronica Sloan, #1)Don't Look Away (Veronica Sloan #1) by 

This procedural thriller was set in the mid 20's future, five years post the worst terrorist attack in US history.  Sloan and her partner Daniels are called in to take over a murder scene that happened under the site of construction of the new White House. A woman was brutally carved up and decapitated in the subbasement, but the woman was special-she was part of an elite group of citizens in the OEP program-as were Sloan and her Daniels.  The Optical Evidence Program was a scientific marvel-cameras were connected to the subject's brain and their eyes captured everything, almost like a video camera.  Things started getting hairy when more OEP participants start dying up and down the I-95 corridor, and Sykes, a magnetic nemesis from training, is brought in from NYC to be Sloan's partner for the case.

This book was a page turner from start to finish. Ronnie Sloan was tough, vulnerable, smart, and despite her best efforts, sexy. I love a good thriller, and this delivers. The new world created here is hauntingly familiar and sadly realistic. There were some true humorous moments as the author added in some future innovations for current companies, such as the Wal-Mart Villas or the Google Face Recognition online search.

Great read, and I am picking up the next book immediately!

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