Friday, December 13, 2013

Scandal Recap: A Door Marked Exit

This week Kwana Minatee-Jackson recaps the happenings from Scandal's mid season finale over at Heroes and Heartbreakers, but for now, here is my rundown:

1. Daniel Douglas was talking an AWFUL lot of shit before Sally ganked him. Apparently too much. Now we will only see him in pictures and flashbacks.

2. Um Liv, just because your mom is a worse monster than your dad doesn't mean your dad isn't a monster. Have a few seats.

3. I know you wanted to get into Command's head, but telling any man you know that you are screwing his daughter, every chance you get, and that you can tell him how she tastes is just damn rude. Expect to be clowned.

Fitz be like

4. Jake was on FIRE last night. First he rightfully put Olivia in her place:

Then he somehow got the drop on Eli:

5. Quinn thought bygones were bygones, but Huck told her she only had teef and bref because of Olivia:

6. Finally, Black Carmen Sandiego

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