Sunday, December 22, 2013

Book Review: Take Me Series

This review is about all three of the books in the Take Me series by Colleen Masters.  Apparently there is a 4th coming as well. The overall series get a 3.5/5 stars.

Faster Harder (Take Me..., #1) Faster Harder (Take Me... #1) by 

In Faster Harder we meet Siena Lazio, a princess in the Formula 1 worldwide car racing circuit. As PR Director for Team Farrelli, she manages her brother's media and is part of the Lazio dynasty in the sport. Her brother is a well known top driver and her father, the team's manager and strategist, is also a former top driver. The men in her life have always treated her as a child, and not like a woman in her mid-20's.

Harrison Davies is a legacy of a different sort. He has been kept out of the limelight since his father, a former racer, drunk himself to death. He was groomed since the age of 11 to be a top driver, and when he meets the famous Siena Lazio in a club in Barcelona, he keeps his exact position on Team McClain from her. They have an instant connection, and pretty soon, a rivalry between Harrison and Siena's brother Enzo shakes up the circuit. Unable to leave Harrison alone, they keep their Romeo and Juliet romance a secret.

This was a great intro to the racing world. Despite editing errors, it was a fun read, with a cliffhanger at the end. 4 stars.

Faster Deeper (Take Me..., #2) Faster Deeper (Take Me... #2) by 

In this second entry, Siena and Harrison are hot and heavy, but someone is on to them, and has been since they first met. A barrage of photos was sent to Siena's phone with a warning to stay away from Harrison, or else. After much hand-wringing about how to handle this threat, the two decide to double down on the secrecy of their relationship instead of coming clean.

After someone leaks the photos to Enzo, things take a turn for the worse, but unfortunately the trouble is just beginning. This book was a bit meatier than the others but the dubious choices of the characters was starting to wear me thin.

3.5 stars

Faster Longer by Colleen Masters Faster Longer (Take Me... #3) by 

Despite the intrigue and drama, it was an exercise in patience to finish this one. It was  extremely frustrating to have all the information the characters had, and for them to deliberately be obtuse about who was sabotaging the races and slinging their name in the mud. It was so obvious it was painful to listen to Siena lament about who it could be, over and over again. The saboteur and accomplices didn't even care to be discreet. Unfortunately, that overshadowed the book for me, but it didn't help that Enzo was being a complete ass and Siena wasn't able to use her PR skills for herself. TSTL pretty much describes most of the main characters.  It was a fun beginning, but it peters out in the end...and the cliffhanger isn't really a cliffhanger. It looks like some people enjoyed it, and I'm glad for that, but I've had my fill.
2.5 stars

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