Saturday, December 14, 2013

Book Review: Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge (Sins Brothers, #2) Sweet Revenge (Sins Brothers #2) by 
4.5 stars
The Sins Brothers series is about the Dean brothers who are genetically engineered soldiers that were raised from birth in lethal military camps. Having escaped 5 years ago, the brothers hope to find their youngest brother Jory, who may or may not be dead, and avoid the commander, who is trying to get them to return to the program. They have a limited timeline-in less than 2 months, chips implanted in their spines will explode. Sweet Revenge focuses on Matt, the oldest of the brothers and the one charged with finding the doctor who escaped the night they did 5 years ago. Intel leads him to a quaint city named Charmed.

Matt takes one look at bar owner Laney and knows he wants her-and doesn't hide that fact. He has taken care of his brothers for years, and never wanted anything in return for it, it was his duty, but when he looks at Laney he sees something just for himself. Laney has some secrets of her own. She knows that Matt is huge, hot, and nothing but trouble. She needs a bouncer to handle the bikers coming through Charmed since her bouncer and barmaid eloped. Despite her ghosts, she wants to get with Matt in a bad way, even if it's only for the few weeks she needs help.

Problems for them both start when a serial killer starts stalking Laney, and as Matt's need to protect her increases, so does the danger. When they discover their secrets may tear them apart, it tests the mettle of their relationship. This was fast paced action, hot passion, and alpha male yumminess. Matt is typical of the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and I loved every second of that. Laney was smart and no shrinking violet, yet she was not TSTL and I always respect that in a strong heroine. Great read, and I can't wait until spring for the next installment. 

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