Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Review: Wrecked

Wrecked (Wrecked, #1) Wrecked (Wrecked #1) by 

When Hunter saves Lorrie from the lake, he knows exactly what he wants. He wants to make Lorrie his, but she is not ready for anything near a romantic relationship. Hunter won't let it go, and they decide to become platonic friends. Hunter is an underground MMA fighter, which is paying his tuition through college. He lives in an off campus apartment, and despite the rampant rumors of his sexual conquests with groupies, he is for the most part a loner.  Hunter is also ripped, tattooed, and completely alpha.

Lorrie and Hunter have secrets that they don't want to share with the other, but despite their best efforts, their friendship slides from platonic to something much more. Lorrie falls kicking and screaming, but Hunter embraces his feelings for Lorrie honestly and frankly. It was so refreshing to see an alpha male express himself so freely-Lorrie was the one who couldn't deal with reality and sometimes let anxiety overwhelm her.

Things turn hot and heavy between them, and then in the middle of their bliss, their secrets come back to rear their ugly heads. 

This was a fantastic read, and part one of a two part story arc. I can't wait to read the conclusion about these two-Hunter is insatiable and honest, and Lorrie is sexy and uninhibited.

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