Sunday, April 17, 2016

Giving it All by Kati Wilde

Giving It All (Hellfire Riders MC, #8)In this Christmas slice of life story, the Hellfire Riders have a marker that needs to be repaid; Red asked for a favor from another club back when he was a Steel Titan and the Riders theoretically should pay up. When Saxon finds out what the favor was, he decides to pay up, but it is testing his emotional strength.

I do love Saxon and Jenny. I feel for her in this book, dealing with Red and then having to deal with this "problem" the club has taken on for a short time. I always enjoy a check in with them. Saxon loves her better than he loves himself, and that makes me love him more. There are plenty of great couples in the Motorcycle Clubs books, but Saxon and Jenny always have a special spot!

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