Thursday, April 14, 2016

ARC Review: Breaking it All by Kati Wilde

Breaking It All (Hellfire Riders MC, #7)Gunner has been in love with his best friend and MC brother's sister, Anna, for ten years now. Because of his past the potential for Anna to be fataly injured, he keeps his distance romantically. However, when his best friend goes missing he has to take Anna to the very past he has been avoiding.

This was a full length novel in the typically novella-length world of The Motorcycle Clubs. It started out slower than I wanted it to (mostly because I was used to shorter reads), but the finish was big and so worth the buildup in the beginning. Gunner and Anna were a sexy, tortured couple, which is my favorite type of relationship to read about. Gunner's history paired with Anna's was fascinating, and their dynamic was sizzling hot together. A great read if you love the MC world!

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