Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review: In Your Corner by Sarah Castille

In Your Corner (Redemption, #2)In Your Corner (Redemption #2) by 

If you liked Against the Ropes (and I did) then you will enjoy In Your Corner, the next in the Redemption series. We met Jake and Amanda in the first book, and while they seemed to have a hot and heavy friends with benefits relationship, Amanda overplayed her hand and she and Jake broke up.

Two years later, Amanda has focused on advancing her career in the law firm that she works at and is hoping to follow the family tradition of making partner at an an insanely young age. Having grown up with cold, career-driven parents, Amanda has sought acceptance and comfort in sexual partners at a young age. 

Meanwhile, Jake has taken over the family business and has had to leave the Redemption MMA training facility behind as he tries to save his father's business. In fact, it is business for his father's company that leads him to the law firm where Amanda works. Both are shocked to see each other, and that chance meeting is the kindling to a tumultuous relationship.

There are some similarities to the first story, with light bdsm themes and situations, but Amanda and Jake have a journey of their own. We also meet some new characters here and catch up with old ones. The guys at Redemption are the sweetest bunch of gentle giants (when not pissed off) and I think I will enjoy reading more about the people in this series.

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