Thursday, October 31, 2013

Book Review: Addicted to You

Addicted to You (Addicted, #1) Addicted to You (Addicted #1) by 
5 stars
Lily Calloway and Loren "Lo" Hale have a lot in common: They both come from wealthy, influential families, they both are loners, and they both suffer from addiction.Best friends since middle school, Lily and Lo discovered some things about themselves-she is a sex addict and he is an alcoholic. Three years ago, they decided to make a pact, and cover their addictions by entering in a false relationship. However, more recently their feelings have moved from platonic best friends to romantic. What will this mean for their arrangement and their addictions?

The book is told from Lily's POV, and the layers peeled back on each page were tender and sometimes heart-wrenching. Lily is a sex addict who goes to parties and clubs for the sole purpose of hooking up with random guys. When she gets her fix, she is Lo's designated driver, or they get car service, so that Lo won't drive drunk. When she has company over, he kicks them out for her in the morning. When he passes out, or binges and vomits, she makes sure he is laying on his side or that he doesn't need to be hospitalized. When she needs to watch porn or masturbate, Lo covers for her. When he wants to cover up smell of alcohol, she helps him find cologne.

Eventually Lily and Lo somehow pick up real friends Connor and Ryke (to replace the fake ones they made up for their families). Between them and familial obligations, reality starts intruding on their bubble until it bursts.

Addicted to You was absolutely amazing. This could have been done badly, but instead I felt the authors did a beautiful job of taking the reader through the journey of pain, shame, and co-dependence of Lily and Lo. The really exciting news is that there is more story to tell-it looks like there will be a lot more from Lily, Lo, and the rest of their crew!

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