Monday, November 4, 2013

The Rundown: Once Upon a Time

I'm a little behind on this (so much reading! so little time...) but here we go...

Last week this happened:

Apparently this was supposed to be completely unexpected. Tell us how we feel about that:

This past week, here is The Rundown:
1. I kind of want to punch one of them to see what happens. WHO IS THIS HAPPY?

2. As usual, Regina is awesome. "You losers follow the yellow brick road if you want, I have shit to do, like go find my kid."

3. So, should I tell him I don't have legs? Nah, it's ok.

4. "We are the two most powerful magical beings ever created. We can defeat a annoying little teenager." -Regina

5. Playing dress up is fun!

6. Until you get busted.

7. Hook is all

cuz Neal is alive and he is all

See you next week!

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