Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ARC Book Review: The Virgin:Revenge

Revenge Revenge (Revenge #1) by 
4 stars, Release date November 4, 2013

This appears to be a first novel(ette) for author J. Dallas, and it is a fine start. The reviews so far have been hot and cold, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed the book a lot!

10 years ago, Shannon was naive 17-year-old Shan, and had a great summer romance with 7 years older Drake. Their fathers were in business together, and subsequently, the couple spent a lot of time together at the beach. Just when it looked like they were going to go all the way, Drake broke Shan's heart with one cold statement, and walked away. A few short days later, her father was murdered in front of her, and between those two events, she turned into a harder woman - and a woman who never found the opportunity to go all the way.

10 years later, Shannon wants to get her life back, and thinks exacting revenge on the man who broke her heart is the way to go about it. She wants to make him want her the way she still wants him. An CEO in his father's company, he is powerful and in the market for a new administrative assistant. When the opportunity arises to interview as his assistant, Shannon sets out for the job and gets it. What happens next is a page-turner.

I liked Shannon-she was a little unhinged, a lot confident but managed to display so many vulnerabilities. Drake was of course hot and passionate, but it was nice to see him have moments of insecurity. Shannon was a handful, and we haven't seen the last of these two. I find that exciting! I'm in for the next in this series.

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