Sunday, November 2, 2014

ARC Review: Beyond Possession

Beyond Possession (Beyond, #5.5)

Sometimes in this job I get a WIN, like getting  to review novellas like Beyond Possession by Kit Rocha before they get released. *huge grin* As a card carrying member of The Broken Circle my fangirldom of Kit Rocha has been well documented right here. This time around, politics in Sector Four have reached a fever pitch. Tatiana Stone's father used to run his family and Sector Four like a wild west dictatorship before a bootlegger named Dallas O'Kane took him on...and took him out. The sins of the father have been passed down to Tatiana; his old accomplices who knew she was hands off when he was alive have tried to move in on her and those who were his enemies still don't trust her. Tatiana has raised her younger sister and tried to shield her from all of the nastiness, so much so that Catalina is naive and has fallen in love with Wallace, an old Stone supporter. Wallace wants to take on Dallas and is basically using Catalina to get to Tatiana, but Tatiana is doing everything she can to try to protect her sister while staying away from Wallace.

Meanwhile, Tatiana has been trying to avoid her feelings for Zan, an O'Kane soldier who comes by her shop to check on her. He was recently injured, so he hadn't been around, but absence absolutely made the heart grow fonder. Scuttlebutt in the Sector also pressed Dallas to make Zan connect with Tatiana and the game begins. Zan and Tatiana have real feelings for each other, but will the outside influences of their lives stop them before they really get to start?

LOVED this one. Zan is a sexy gentle giant and Tatiana is a fierce curvy beauty. Their chemistry is white-hot and who wouldn't want a big boy like Zan having your back? I devoured this in record time and as usual can't wait for the next.

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