Sunday, August 10, 2014

ARC Review: Beyond Addiction by Kit Rocha

When we last left Sector 4, the Rachel/Ace/Cruz triangle turned into a triad and a younger Mia found out how hot an older man can be in Ford. Oh yeah, and my girl Trix was kidnapped. Cliffhanger!

Trix came from Sector 5, and thanks to Dom (an ex-O'Kane) she was kidnapped and brought back. To everyone in  5's surprise, it turns out that Trix was actually Tracy; Tracy was basically next in line to be Mac Fleming's personal toy before everyone assumed she overdosed...including Finn, her boyfriend. Instead, she got clean and escaped to 4, changed her name, and never looked back.

For years Finn has been living a shall of a life. He has a personal vendetta to take Mac Fleming and Sector 5 down. He always felt guilty about Tracy's death; he wasn't strong enough to save her from her addiction, and as Mac's top seller, he had to live with the fact that he was not a good guy. He was a villain, and he wasn't living to make a future for himself, he was living to take down Mac Fleming. That is, until he saw Trix for the first time in years. Alive.

After that, he had a new mission: Get Tracy Trix back home to the O'Kanes. Another awesome entry into the Beyond series by Kit Rocha that shows us even more of the sectors, introduces us to new characters, and even new villains. I can't wait to see how things play out in the new world order created by the events in this book. Finn had a lot to prove to the O'Kanes, and it was actually refreshing to see the O'Kane way of life through his eyes. The overwhelming theme with Finn was that he loved Trix, and he would do whatever he could to prove that to her, and everyone else because it was important to her. Loved it, and I am chomping at the bit already for the next one!

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