Sunday, January 26, 2014

ARC Book Review: A Million Guilty Pleasures

A Million Guilty Pleasures (Million Dollar Duet, #2) A Million Guilty Pleasures (Million Dollar Duet #2) by 

A Million Guilty Pleasures is the followup to A Million Dirty Secrets, and I enjoyed both of these books immensely! We return to the world of Noah and Lanie, and Pleasures picks right up where Secrets left off. Noah, tortured by the news of Lanie's mother's ill health, lets Lanie out of their contract. What neither of them knows is that Noah's business partner David is also business partners with the nefarious Scott, who brokered their $2 million dollar arrangement. Noah and Lanie come together to take on David, who has always wanted what Noah had.

The charm and passion that made the first book a success are back in spades here. Lanie is as feisty as ever, and Noah is as Alpha as always. Here we get to root for their relationship like old friends and smile along as Noah gets to meet Lanie's parents in the most unorthodox way possible. Lanie's crazy bestie Dez is as wild as ever, and while at times she was a bit over the top, it's just who she is, so you take it with a smile. David was a delicious villain, and while there will be no spoilers, just know that he is an egomaniacal asshole. He is mean, he is bad, and pieces of the story are told from his point of view to show you how dastardly he is.

Overall, this was a great followup, and a fitting end to an amazing pair. Noah and Lanie are a raunchy, loving couple and so much fun to read about.

4 stars

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