Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book Review: Unattainable by Madeline Sheehan

Unattainable (Undeniable, #3) Unattainable (Undeniable #3) by 

I read a lot. Some books are good. Some books are great. Some books are can't-put-down-can't-live-life-until-I-finish-reading. That was this book.

The Undeniable series is about the Hell's Horsemen Motorcycle Club. Unattainable focuses on the relationship between Cage (the President's son) and Tegen (the daughter of a well loved club groupie who has been injured.) Tegen had a crush on her good friend Cage since she was a tween. At 16, she gave him her virginity, and the morning after, a sober Cage told her in no uncertain terms he didn't reciprocate her feelings-then he proceeded to bang anything that came his way. Between that, and her mother's relationship with a married biker that resulted in her mother being shot in the head and losing her memory, Tegen spent the next several years getting more and more angry. She only comes back to Montana to help her mother periodically, but otherwise she has been living in California with ZZ (a Horseman gone nomad) who is on the road more often than not, but they meet each other's needs as she has been hurt by the President's son and ZZ was hurt by his daughter, Danny. Tegen and Cage yell, fight, scream, and argue with such passion, there is no denying their true feelings for each other. They are a perfect match-unruly, angry, and sex-crazy biker brats that take years to get themselves together, but of course they do.

The counterbalance to this craziness was the beautiful and heart-wrenching love story between Dirty and Ellie. Dirty is named because he is...dirty. He is greasy, smelly, and seemingly lecherous. However, we find out so many things about Dirty and his past, and he turns into the guy to root for in this book. Ellie has tried to play things the smart way-she was good friends with Danny but when Danny committed herself to her husband and the club, Ellie decided the criminal MC wasn't a place to hang around. She went to school, and came back to Montana to teach and help her father with her mother's medical bills. Her first day back, Dirty saves her from a fate he has suffered more than once. From that moment on, she decided that she is going to save him. After a shower and shave, Dirty turns out to be a beautiful specimen of man, but Ellie knows that they have a long delicate road to haul.

It was genius to tie these two stories together. I don't know if it was by design or by coincidence, but I.Couldn't.Stop.Reading. Madeline Sheehan also has a knack for designing a story while keeping the reader up with the whole world-everything ties in and everything clicks. The reader feels like they know the characters and the twists (there are a lot!) and the genuine emotions come through in every relationship in the book. I can't recommend this book, series, and author enough. There are a small handful of auto-buy authors out there for me, and Madeline Sheehan solidified her place in those ranks.

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