Sunday, May 19, 2013

Game of Thrones

It's Sunday so that means Billboard Awards!

It really means Mad Men (which I am way behind on) and Game of Thrones.

Lasr week, this was my recap:
1. Theon Greyjoy got played. He is getting super tortured, its really sadistic. Something is wrong with
2. Margaery to Sansa- QUIT WHINING. You are getting the best Lannister. Shut. Up.
3. The bear, the bear and the maiden fair! Jamie Lannister, are you trying to make me swoon with you heroics?
4. John Snow- speaking of swooning...
5. Joffrey- speaking of getting played...Tywin walked up to him on the throne like, You got somethin' you want to say to me? and Joff was like, "Naw."

I cannot adequately express how much Sansa gets on my nerves. She is a disloyal twit who keeps getting screwed over by the Lannisters, and goodie for her, since she wanted to be one so damn bad. Can't wait to see what happens tonight! New recap in the am.

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