Monday, May 2, 2016

Review: Forgotten Promises by Jessica Lemmon

Forgotten PromisesIn this compelling read, Tucker is released from jail, hellbent on revenge on the chief of police who got him sent away. The problem? The chief is is father, and while he may be an upstanding member of society, Tucker knows all the dirt and has suffered from the secret hell of living in that house. Morgan should be celebrating her 21st birthday in style; instead she gets dumped by her boyfriend who has been cheating on her with her supposed best friend. When she runs into Tucker at the local convenience store, she is in for more than she bargained for.

This was a great read, with a lot more depth than you expect from the blurb. Tucker is not your average bad boy, and Morgan is not your typical spoiled little rich girl. Each of them has layers that are revealed through the course of the book, and the resolution has your flipping until the last page.

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