Monday, March 14, 2016

Review: Falling Hard by Tina Wainscott

Many years ago, Gemma Thornton left her small town behind in the rear view mirror after she bravely reported an assault against her that put her word against the word of her high school boyfriend/golden boy of the town, and she lost. It didn't help that his father was the chief of police. Even worse, she actually had a crush on his brother Pax. Now, she must return to her childhood home to support her father, who is in the hospital due to a terrible accident. Of course, the first person she sees is Pax Sullivan whom, as it turns out, has been helping her father out as well by keeping an eye on his bed and breakfast.
Falling Hard (Falling Fast, #2)
Pax is not the favorite son, for sure. But he is still a Sullivan and refuses to believe that his jerk of a brother is the predator that Gemma asserted he was all those years ago. It had to be a misunderstanding between two hormonal teenagers. He was always attracted to Gemma, and now that she is back in town and all grown up, he is having a hard time separating what he feels is right against what he feels he knows...and his cop senses are tingling.

Pax and Gemma rediscover each other, and Gemma finds out that Pax still has a love for speed and plans to make it legitimate with a new racetrack in their town. This was a captivating read with some hard moments, sexy times, and sweet retribution.

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