Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review: Fighting for Devlin by Jessica Lemmon

Fighting for Devlin (Lost Boys, #1)Devlin is a young restaurant owner, and Rena is one of his waitresses. Not even a great waitress, at that, but she is learning. Devlin is hot, has a photographic memory, and is using his restaurant to collect bookie payments for a well known mob boss who is a father figure to him, albeit a dangerous one. Rena gets involved one night when Devlin get jumped during a collection gone bad, and the chemistry that sparkles during work hours begins to ignite.

There is a sexy, rich world here, with a lot of heart. Devlin's beginnings are complicated; his father was a man who committed suicide owing a notorious mobster and Devlin was taken in by his father's best friend, while being groomed by that same mobster to take over his father's restaurant. Rena is a loner with one close friend and the ghosts of a dead boyfriend chasing her. Together Rena and Devlin make quite the pair, but Jessica Lemmon tells their story in a captivating and sexy way. Two peope who don't think they are worthy of love find each other and slip, trip, and fall in love. Great read!

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