Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: Slashed by Tracy Wolff

In Slashed by Tracy Wolff, besties who have previously had a one night stand are months later still living in an awkward phase where each thinks the other isn't into them. Pro and semi pro winter sport athletes, Cam and Luc have crossed the line, and we get to see them try and come back together again.

Cam is a successful snow boarder and has lived life at home taking care of her dad, even when she could have moved out. But one day she comes home and the mother who abandoned her family 17 years ago is back. Despite the awkwardness between she and Luc, she runs to him for a place to stay when she gives her father an ultimatum. For Luc, Cam is home. He may not be as "talented" as his besties, who are all well respected athletes, but he has his own style that has worked for him. His happy place is being with Cam, and this gives him the opportunity to make her believe they can be together, even if she still has lingering feelings for their other friend, Z. What Luc doesn't know is that Cam has been over Z for a while, and would love to have Luc all to herself.

This was a great new adult read, very sexy and enough angst to keep you interested but not so much you feel put-out. Cam was strong and a very relatable heroine and Luc was a young and hot alpha/beta hybrid. My first read in this series, and I think I want to go back and read the others!

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