Sunday, September 20, 2015

ARC Review: To The Moon and Back by Jocelyn Han

This book is also known as Fly You to the Moon, so if you think the premise sounds familiar, that may be why. In the not so distant future, Ava is sent to the moon to live with Nicholas, her "uncle" on paper but not by blood. Although she is technically an adult, she is considered a ward of Nicholas under his Elite status until she is at least 21. Ava was expecting a old stuffy fogie, but she got the much younger and hotter Nicholas who more carefully follows her deceased father's belief system that the Elite class aren't better than anyone else.

This short and sweet erotic novella introduces us to this futuristic world of classism and interstellar travel. Ava and Nicholas' story takes the stepbrother trope in a new and sexy direction. They have amazing chemistry, and everyone around them can see the sparks fly. When they finally succumb, the pages catch fire! A hot read that is the start of a new series - good news considering the world this story is set in and the great characters we were introduced to.

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