Monday, October 13, 2014

Carol is a Badass: A Walking Dead Rundown

This tweet says everything about the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead last night:
We have always known that Carol is a woman who will get shit done, ESPECIALLY when someone asks her to do it.

The problem is she will also get shit done when no one asks her to do it.

Some people think she is wackadoo. Once her abusive husband bit the big one, Carol became the bad ass we now know.

Luckily for Rick and the crew, she was the mastermind of their escape from Terminus.

She even had time to for a badass broad-off. She won.

And because Carol is awesome and helped save the day, this happened:

but before that we all lost our minds when this happened:Carol is back with the family! And all is temporarily right with the world.Hey! Is that our buddy Morgan? He looks in much better shape than last time we saw him!

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