Sunday, June 1, 2014

Review: Caged Wolf

Caged Wolf
Caged Wolf by S.M. Reine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This sexy paranormal biker story features Ofelia, a scarred waitress and Trouble, an aptly named biker who rolls into the mystical town of Lobo Norte with his MC, the Fang Brothers.

Ofelia's boss knows that as soon as the Fang Brothers rolled into town, there would be trouble. She warns Ofelia to stay home, stay out of their way, and definitely don't go out after dark. However, Ofelia is broke and needs the tips. She works at the only bar in town, and the bar sponsors fight nights every 2 weeks. The minute Trouble walks into the bar with his bikers brothers, the chemistry is hot and palpable-and Trouble never utters a word.

It seems that Ofelia's boss was right to caution her-turns out Trouble is a werewolf who is just learning to control himself under the tutelage of his alpha and brothers. When it comes to Ofelia, however, he is having an even harder time controlling himself, and Ofelia doesn't want to control herself-she wants Trouble. Meanwhile, Ofelia has more than Trouble to worry about as she gets back in touch with her witch roots to protect her from the rival gangs that have swarmed into Lobo Norte-including the gang that is responsible for her scars. Also, she has a pesky tarot card that keeps following her around.

This had some laugh out loud moments, but plenty of sexy ones as well. Definitely a good read.

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