Friday, April 11, 2014

The Rundown: Scandal, Flesh and Blood

Here's The Rundown! Next week I'll be at Heroes and Heartbreakers, but this week Kwana Minatee-Jackson has a detailed recap there. Check it out!
Every week I feel like Kevin Hart is speaking to my soul:

Last night, what DIDN'T go down?

1. Was Olivia on anybody else's nerves last night? She was wearing me out.

2. Mama Pope was fierce as usual last night.

3. Harrison decided to go on a Scooby and Shaggy errand.

4. Mellie snapped. Who can blame her at this point.

5. And umm, this happened. This relationship is like a durian fruit-stank and delicious.

6. Cy, you know you ain't right, and I love you for it! The Monster(TM) got his groove back!

7. #SavePapaPope

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