Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So, it's been a few days since the True Blood premier...

Did you care?
The closer we got to the premier date, the less fucks I gave. However, I persevered to watch the show, and it was nice.

It was nice like, "Oh I got laid and it didn't rock my world but it wasn't terrible and at least I got off and got laid" nice.

Rewind: Where were we at the end of season 5 and how did that affect the premiere of season 6?
Well, since True Blood loves a cliffhanger, when we left, Bill was a puddle of resurrected Lilith goo that Eric and Sookie were hauling ass away from. The whole crew got in Eric's pimp van and rolled away, as Bill watched over them:

(Things nobody has time for: GORE all over EVERYONE for the whole damn episode.)

Eric is still being a dick to Pam but she gets some relief in the form of antagonizing Nora:

And some relief in the arms of Tara:

Jessica is painfully summoned by Bill, and the whole crew follows her to...Bill's house. After some posturing Bill assures them he is himself, just a little something...more. And baby vamp Jessica stands by her daddy vamp and tells everyone to take a fucking hike if they don't like it:

Meanwhile Jason is still as dumb as a bag of rocks and hitches a ride with a dangerous stranger:
Yeah, Rutger Hauer seems legit.
Alcide is the new pack master and enjoys the fruits of his labor-and his new girlfriend teaches him the important lesson that if he wants to act like a dog and tomcat around, she is the one that brings the pussy to the party:



Sam's girlfriend Luna bit the dust after she pulled off that final skinwalker trick. Now Sam is a single father on the lam and runs into my fave True Blood character, La La:
Story of Lafayette's life...
So, besides these highlights, there was Andy Belfluer's fae-babies turning into fae-toddlers overnight, and some politician (who has cracked down on the vampires via a wicked curfew and business shutdown) working with the True Blood manufacturers to make sure more TB gets on to the streets so people can stop being food.
Will I be tuning in next week? Probably, although I have to say I am interested in the special guests this season-Rutger Hauer and Jurnee Smollet are faves of mine. I'll keep watching for now...but it's kind of sad I'm more excited to watch So You Think You Can Dance every week.

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